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Caffe Da Agricoltura Biologica (Organic) 100% Arabica


Created with masterly expertise, Caffe da Agricoltura Biologica 100% Arabica, is an intense and spicy espresso. Its aroma unravels in a concert of fruit and flower essences with caramel, chocolate, dried fruit, and walnut scents. Originating from the very highest quality beans cultivated among the volcanoes of the island of Sumatra and at 1500 meters above sea level in the lush high plains of Honduras, It is cultivated by hand with complete and total respect for the environment and the worker. Harvested in select and certified plantations and grown organically, this coffee comes from Caffe’ Castorino transformed after having been roasted using clean air technology in our solar powered facility. Once again, a unique experience that surprises and rewards!


Sold in cans of 250 gms (8.8oz)

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