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About Dal Vero Imports

Dalvero Imports started with a wish to rediscover, preserve, and promote the goodness and beauty of old-world artisanal products and works, and to bring the joy of experiencing authenticity into the lives of others.
Our ship sails from the shores of a land rich in history, where astounding beauty never ceases to surprise the explorer beyond every corner, and many of the ‘old ways’ have not yet been lost: Italy.

We seek to “stand and deliver” while promoting sustainability and reverence for our planet.

We vow to do this without gimmickry or artifice. You will not see .99 in small type on our prices, or ‘make-believe’ slashed or sale prices.
Look behind the words ‘sale’ and so-called ‘reduced’ prices advertised by many retailers and you’ll often find no sale at all.
We at Dalvero Imports refuse to do business the same way and hope to stir a small wind of change.


Will you join us?
Dalvero Imports is the sole and exclusive importer and distributor of Caffe’ Castorino in the United States and we feel extremely fortunate to be able to offer it to you our customers!

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