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About Castorino

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The coffee roasting house “Torrefazione Antonio Castorino” was established in 1946 by a young Antonio Castorino who launched his business firstly on behalf of a roasting firm in Messina, and later on behalf of an importer in Turin. After having gained wide expertise in the field he established his own small artisanal wood- fired roasting facility in Salerno, Italy. Since then, the coffee has grown to be distributed throughout many regions in Italy with the trademark “Caffe’ Castorino” and is widely served in shops and cafes.

Since the passing of Antonio in 1995, the business has been run by his son Ignazio and his wife Francesca with a constant commitment towards the use of green technology and old-world methods handed down from father to son. This tradition is continued in the careful selection of the best coffee beans sourced from trusted providers with whom strong relationships have been established over the years. The roasting process is dependent upon each separate place of origin following old traditions. The beans are carefully roasted by a qualified expert staff using a techno-ecological transformation process called “Aria Pulita” (Clean Air) that guarantees the total absence of contact between combustion residues and the coffee, thereby ensuring its purity. The blends are then prepared following antique traditional recipes handed down from father to son. The result? A passionately handcrafted, quintessential, Italian espresso coffee with a unique aroma and taste.

Caffe’ Castorino is careful to respect the values of labor and the environment and is provided with UNI ISO 2005:2008 certification. This new tracing system is the means by which the consumer is ensured of the entire agro-industrial chain. It pertains to both the company and the products’ origins.

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Caffe’ Castorino is also registered with the Italian “Associazione Suolo e Salute” (Association for Land and Health) established so that wise practices are adopted during every step of the production process to respect the environment. Land is used judiciously with regard to environmental impact while aspiring to achieve the highest quality agricultural products.

Additionally, the climate controlled Caffe’ Castorino facility is solar powered. Photovoltaic cells mounted on the roof of the plant produce circa 30,000 kilowatts annually avoiding the release of approximately 375 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The organic production methods Caffe’ Castorino promotes offer the customer products completely free from synthetic substances and residues. Apart from great coffee, we believe this is of great ethical-social value! The Caffe’ Castorino line of organic products is helping to restore the missing link between Man and Earth that has been overcome by the freneticism of modern life.

Dal Vero Imports is the sole and exclusive importer and distributor of Caffe’ Castorino in the United States and we are extremely fortunate to be able to bring it you our customers!

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